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Famous Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park is real geographic wonder near Phuket. Gigantic rock mountains rise from calm, olive-green waters. Dramatic sight of hidden lagoon and caves is surely the highlights of your holiday in Phuket. Every guidebook strongly recommend a visit Phang Nga Bay.

This mystical world of collapsed caves connected to the sea by dark tunnels has been eroded from the limestone mountains over time by the rise and fall of the sea. Centuries-old islands are covered with evergreen trees and host tens species of birds, reptiles, monkeys.

The only way to get to these islands is by day trip on speedboat or big boat. Many visitors consider a canoeing trip into the hidden caves of Phang Nga the highlight of their visit to Phuket. Every Phang Nga Bay day tour will provide you with unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.