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Jungle elephant trekking 45 minutes
Standart program
in English, 2 hours,
Provided by: Alpha Travel,
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Khao Lak Safari
Standart program
in English, 9 hours,
Provided by: Sutin Group,
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Phuket is full of the adventure-travel beat and offers so many cool places to go.

On a Phuket tours you’ll get close to friendly elephant, take an active part in White Water Rafting, chill out on bamboo raft in Khao Lak, take in dizzying views at zip line activity and swim, cycle, drive ATV.

Phuket has an unmatched selection of day adventure tours. You can choose adventure trip to Khao Lak jungle or explore beautiful nature in Khao Sok with wildlife watching tours.

Explore a land of extremes and you’ll be paid back with unforgettable memories that will keep you smile for future years. All around will surprise why you are smiling oddly to yourself and you will have Phuket to thank for it.