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James Bond Island or Koh Tapu is the little rock in Phang Nga Bay. It has become a real attractive tourist place after spy movie "The Man with the Golden Gun", starring Roger Moore. Thousands of people are dropped every day to gawk at James Bond Island from Koh Khao Phing Kan.

There is a very interesting legend explains the formation of James Bond Island. Once upon a time, in a sunny day one fisherman who lived in Phuket could not get any catch. Only a old rusty nail picked up with his net. And he catching it again and again. Angry fisherman took a knife and chopped the rusty nail in two. One part of nail jumped aside into the sea and became the island with mysterious shape. James Bond Island is the highlight of your visit to Phuket.

But James Bond Island is not only one point of interest in Phang Nga Bay. Many tourists consider a canoeing trip into the Hong Island and Panak Island, the hidden caves and lagoon of Phang Nga.

You can combine all remarkable sights of Phang Nga Bay in one tour, to see famous James Bond Island and explore hidden lagoon by kayak.