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Beautiful Krabi Province is one of the most amazing regions in Thailand. Krabi has huge limestone rocks, magnificent islands and wonderful beaches, and it is also one of the world’s premier destinations for scuba diving and rock climbing.

Krabi Islands attract thousands of tourists every month. Day trip by speedboat includes visiting famous islands and beaches. One unusual island rise in turquoise waters, named Koh Kai the Chicken Island because of shaped as a chicken head. There is a beach with white sand between Koh Kai and neighbouring Koh Tap. You can see this miracle beach when the sea drops to the lowest tide and linking the two islands together. 

The most scenic place in Krabi is Phra Nang beach on Railay peninsula. Huge steep cliffs surround small white sand beach which have a unique atmosphere.

Most popular tourist attraction in Krabi after Phra Nang beach is Hong Island. This is unspoiled tropical hideaway with marvellous bay, white sand and sea rich in marine life.