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Royal swimming with dolphins

Mirex tropical expeditions, Thailand, Phuket

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for 1 pax
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Swimming with dolphins is a dream for many of us. It can come true in "Phuket Dolphins Bay" Dolphinarium. Amazing dolphins will open the world of new experience to you. Swimming with dolphins is a unique chance to relax, to have a shot of good vibes, enjoy the energy and grace of these marine animals. During your joint swimming you may hold the dorsal fin and dolphin will ride you along the pool.

You will not only watch the show but become an active dolphin's partner in a jolly play.  Both kids and adults like it!

While swimming your family members or friends can take photos and video free of charge.


Swimming with dolphins can be singular and memorable present to those you love. 

Swimming with dolphins is every day except Monday, after the show at:




Included in cost

Swimming with dolphins

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Money in cash
Picture camera
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All areas Group transfer (round trip)
1800 THB for 1-12 pax
Group transfer every Tuesday and Friday show 14.00 Group transfer (round trip)
400 THB for 1 pax

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